About Sheena

British/Australian artist Sheena Revolta (no preferred pronoun) is a punk, an anarchist, a musician, a blogger, a DJ, a filmmaker and a photographer. She’s been writing about music, television, sport, film and sex for over thirty years.

In the early eighties she worked in film, sang in punk bands, edited Further Too … and Brown*Star magazines, wrote for hundreds of fanzines (and the mainstream press) and programmed queer film seasons throughout the UK and Australia.

Her writing on rugby league during the ARL/Super League wars (in the publication Loosehead), helped inspire the fight back against Sky and Murdoch.

Sheena worked as a drag queen in New Jersey in the early 1990s, and continues to perform with the transgender punk band Women in Revolt.

With Robin Ince she wrote the definitive book on the films of Elvis Presley, produced a documentary about the boxer Muhammed Ali, created the ‘reverse-porn’ experimental film A Touch of Sweden with Arto Polus, and as a photographer she has collaborated with Erika Lust and many others.

Sheena has lived and worked in Australia, Jamaica, the US, the UK and the Middle East, and currently resides in northern England in a Grade 2 Listed council flat with her wife, the DJ and singer Lady K.

She continues to disturb both herself and others.


You can send hate mail to: minkjaguar@gmx.com


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